Shady’s Tap Room – N Main St

Category: Pub
Address: 110 N Main St, Brooklyn, MI 49230
Phone Number: 517-938-8733
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Parking Accessibility

1. Is there disabled parking available? No
2. Is the route from parking to the business reasonably stable, flat, and slip resistant? Yes

Entrance Accessibility

3. Is there an entrance that does not require stairs? Yes
4. Can a standard 30” wheelchair get through the doorway (at least 32” wide)? Yes
5. Is the door threshold less than 3/4 of an inch, about the size of an adult thumbnail? Yes

Seating Accessibility

6. Are there places where people in wheelchairs can comfortably sit with their legs under the table; and are these tables equally dispersed throughout the establishment? Yes
7. Are aisles about 32”, to checkouts, route to seating or path to restroom? Yes
8. Is the portion of sales counter comfortable for a seated person to do business, like to write a check or sign a receipt N/A
9. Can individuals maneuver in departments off “main aisles” between racks and displays? Yes
10. Is merchandise kept out of clear space and not filled with display racks, garbage cans or other barriers? N/A

Restroom Accessibility

11. Are the restrooms marked by the international symbol? Yes
12. Is a larger stall provided with at least 32” door width and
two handrails?



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